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Highlighted Features

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Heating elements

Ceramic heating elements with wave length 3.3 um suited for all kind of ink used in screen printing. With even power density across belt width and low maintenance cost.

energy efficiency

150 mm insulated walls - improved energy efficiency and thermal stability through its reinforced insulation. Standby Mode which allows you to maintain the set temperature of the dryer during breaks in work at reduced costs, further improving its energy efficiency. Adjustable in/out shutters. Reflective inside material for high IR penetration.


IR combined with adjustable flow HOT AIR provides full control over IR radiation, amount of convection flow and temperature. We offer much more sophisticated curing process than just temperature setting.


DRYLINE serie dryers provide wide range substrate and ink drying. Plastisol, water base and solvent inks. Substrates can be textile, plastic, paper foil and others. Also temperature sensitive materials.


Smart design does not cost more in manufacturing and gives all advantages of having efficient and multifunctional dryer.


Build of heat resistant Fiberglas Teflon coated heavy duty belt. Driven by direct-on shaft AC reducer controlled by frequency converter. Independent conveyor belt control (variable speed and direction).

Warranty and service

12 months warranty. Remote support - unlimited.
Service contract on special terms.


In standard heat chamber is made of 2 meter length segment. Mostly used are 1 or 2 heat segments depending of productivity needed. The heat segments can be disassembled quickly into basic elements enabling transportation by narrow doors into production hall.


As described above temperature might mean different things for different curing process. Good understanding of this knowledge will help in curing process. Whatever MODE we work with DRYLINE series dryer it stays temperature and power density stable.


Air circulation with adjustable flow, sucking hot air from uder the belt and guiding it evenly to the conveyor belt. Air is spreading around ceramic elements exchanging heat with it. Blower motor is temperature isolated.

Control interface

Control interface consists of:
  • PID temperature controller, LCD dispalay with keypad to control and set all parameters,
  • Heating ON/OFF switch,
  • LED heating indicators,
  • E-STOP, ON/OFF buttons,
  • 3 color light tower as signalization showing dryer condition,
  • An extensive program that controls all heating and drive components with the function of displaying errors and quick problem analysis.
Control panel

Reach to the customer is the hardest of the ways to overcome.



Sample configurations

€ 4750,00

Electric dryer for:
Plastisol inks
Water base inks
Solvent inks

60 cm belt width
200 cm heat chamber length
Air circulation
8,8 kW, 3PH, 400V

€ 5250,00

Electric dryer for:
Plastisol inks
Water base inks
Solvent inks

96 cm belt width
200 cm heat chamber length
Air circulation
13.5 kW, 3PH, 400V

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